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All our milk products are pasteurised and not homogenised

Doorstep Milk Delivery Areas

Amble, Hadston, Redrow, Widdrington, Ulgham, Longhirst, Pegswood, Morpeth, Stannington station, Espley, Hebron, Swarland, Felton, Acklington, Broomhill, Warkworth, Buston, Shilbottle, Alnwick, Denwick, Longhoughton, Lesbury, Alnmouth 

Whole Milk    £1.10 Per Pint
Semi-Skimmed Milk    £1.10  Per Pint
Skimmed Milk    £1.10  Per Pint
Cream £2.800 Per Pint
Cream £1.70 Per 250ml

Chocolate Flavour Milk £1.70 Per Pint

Strawberry Flavour Milk £1.70 Per Pint

Banana Flavour Milk £1.70 Per Pint

Handmade Farm House Butter Salted & Unsalted £4.50 per 200g block

We will soon be doing butter in 1kg tubs for catering and doorstep delivery
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