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School Milk

Looking for a new milk supplier?

Look no further


All of our milk is produced on the farm from our lovely ladies and is also pasteurised and bottled on site.


All our milk is how it used to be, pasteurised but not homogenized with the cream on the top and in glass pint bottles.


We can supply milk on delivery up to 3 times per week.

Delivery areas:

Amble, Hadston, Redrow, Widdrington, Ulgham, Longhirst, Pegswood, Morpeth, Stannington, Espley, Hebron, Swarland, Felton, Acklington, Broomhill, Warkworth, Buston, Shilbottle, Alnwick, Denwick, Longhoughton, Lesbury, Alnmouth 

We do not increase the price during term time.

we are happy to supply milk and cream for coffee mornings free of charge.

Please contact us for school milk supply price and to arrange a free sample.

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